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  1. Hello Nathan,
    your article on your website discussing tensions between models of therapy is excellent thank you! I am just starting a position working with families which is new to me, also appreciate your appreciation of Dr. Gehart, another life-saver for me as I try to ramp up my learning. This is a second career so I have life and management experience to bring to the table but need more knowledge to gain skill in choosing best approach for a given family. So just reaching out to a kindred spirit. I live in the Boston area. I love Joshua Tree, was there for a health care conference in the summer and went out to the park, must be even more amazing now minus the LA smog! I am also a musician and have been working for a number of years on a software system that turns eeg data into music and have ideas of making it a therapeutic system. I thought you might find it interesting. If you like take a look and listen here:

    (Rebecca is my daughter’s name btw).
    Also if you want, send me a link to your music. I would love to hear it.
    Thanks for your knowledge sharing!
    Paul Senn

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