My Practice


We are all basically good, kind, creative, intelligent, and we learn and grow constantly throughout our lives. If a problem does not resolve easily, there is something holding us back which we are having trouble seeing clearly on our own. In my work with individuals, I use conversation to discover these constraints, and we collaborate in resolving them, using your own strengths and resources.


All couples have a hard time at some point in their relationship. Moving successfully through a hard time can be rewarding and ultimately strengthen bonds. I provide couples with a new perspective, the science of communication, building trust and commitment in relationships, and the art of moving calmly through even the hardest issues.


When people have trouble, it is a family affair, and troubles are often best resolved in the context of the family, using the strengths and resources of the family. This process is the challenge and the joy of working with families.

Family therapy is about seeing the whole picture. Each client is not only a whole, unique person, but part of a unique family system with its own history, culture, values, communication patterns, and spiritual heritage.